Welcome to Remote Benefits  Virtual Assistant company specialising in professional administrative service for small and medium businesses 

Hi, I'm Fiona and I’m so pleased you are visiting my website. Remote Benefits is a Virtual Assistant company specialising in providing a professional administrative service for small and medium sized businesses. Based in Warwickshire, the company serves customers across the UK. 

Tailored to your business needs Remote Benefits Virtual Assistant 

Calling all business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in the UK. Are you spending too much time on administration tasks and not enough time on your customers? Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and just need more than 24 hours in a day? To enable you to work in a more productive and efficient way then you need the services of a Virtual Assistant. Remote Benefits has been established to provide a professional administrative service for small and medium sized businesses. My services are tailored to suit your needs, so if your business is growing and you need additional help I can offer you a unique solution. 

Why is hiring a Virtual Assistant good for your business? 

Businesses that are successful and growing sometimes have the need to hire additional staff. But hiring additional help increases your overheads and eats into your business profits. Not only that, but sometimes you don’t really need full time help. Imagine having someone who can deliver what you require, when you require it and deliver it in a professional manner without the additional labour cost? 
Well, that someone is a Virtual Assistant and there are a number of benefits they can offer: Saves Time | Reduce Costs | Utilises other staff better | Eliminates Employee Drama 
Whether you need business or personal support a VA can seamlessly integrate into your business and lifestyle, whilst maintaining discretion and confidentiality. Regardless of your location or your requirements, using a Virtual Assistant can meet and exceed your needs. 

My Services 

Services for Small Businesses 
General Admin | Reporting | Social Media 
Proofreading and Transcription 
Spelling and/or typing mistakes | punctuation and hyphenating errors | Transcription | Copy typing 
Online research | proofreading research papers | transcribe interviews 
Employee Surveys 
How to survey employees | Produce a survey tailored to your business needs | Understand the results through the analysis of data 

Why choose  Remote Benefits  Virtual Assistant? 

“As a Virtual Assistant I care about my business,  
it’s my livelihood, I want you to call me  
and I want you to tell others about my services.  
This translates to superior service” 
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